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rather fun to play, but:
1)There is no telling how much hp does the player spore has left.
2)the mutations are horribly telegraphed, especially on small spores.
3) On growth mode, mutations are outright a game-ending scenario, as you quickly get squished between all the stuff around you.

1) Yes I Understand that reason and I have been playing around with different methods that showcase the remaining health.

2) Since the Mutations are a greater advantage to you when you are bigger, they are easier to see when bigger. Yet when you are small you are not supposed to have an easier time staying small, therefore they are harder to be seen.

3) On Growth Mutations are actually the thing that keeps you alive as when you play right, you will fit through all the small spaces and be able to regrow with new Spores appearing when you use a mutation.

- Quartzi