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Welcome to Slime Party! (Name might change)
A casual (or competitive) 2D online MMORPG, featuring a simple combat system including content for both PvE and PvP players.

Dominate the player base by becoming the strongest slime in the world or just relax sit back and enjoy watching and fighting the cute and crazy monsters all around the world.

Accounts are automatically generated! Just Login and Play!

WASD & Arrow Keys -> Movement
Q -> Attack (Melee)
Alt+F4 -> Quit Game
Alt+Enter -> Enter/Exit Fullscreen

Are you interested in helping the development of the game?
Unlike many Online games developed by bigger companies or groups, you can get immediate insight into its development by playing right now as I am actively releasing it in its development phase, which is far before any alpha release.
Do not forget to follow me on Twitch, as I will be streaming a lot of its development where players get to share their: ideas, requests, demands and more which in the end will improve the game for everyone!
Support me and my games by joining my Twitch Streams!

Monster Update (v0.0.5) [Unreleased]

  • Mobs can now attack!!!
  • Mobs can now be aggressive!
  • Mobs now have a proper respawn system
  • Added NPC Pooling
  • Added Projectile Pooling
  • Added Escape panel
  • Fixed a lot of combat-related bugs
  • Fixed Hotbar not hiding on logout

Combat Update (v0.0.4) [06.02.2022]

  • Added 4 playable Classes
  • Added Buffs & Debuffs
  • Added 18 new Skills/Buffs
  • Added Damage and Heal Pop Text
  • Fixed Daze Time resetting
  • Big Server Changes :)

Happy Birthday Update (v0.0.3) [] My Birthday ^^

  • Player Graphic Improved (Level based visuals)
  • New Mob (Seedling)
  • Updated Gloopy & Gloopster Sprites
  • Terrain Sprites Updated
  • Balance Changes (Max Health nerfed)
  • Combat Updated
    • Melee Obstacle Detection
    • Ranged Skill Added + Projectiles
  • Power Level Calculation Added
  • Improved Performance
  • Bandwidth usage reduced
  • Server Upgraded for a smoother experience

Hud Update (v0.0.2) [31.12.2021]

  • Added Basic Player HUD... shows: Health, Mana & Experience
  • Sized down the skill bar
  • Crash fixed caused by killing a player (After Server Restart)
  • Fixed experience not saving

Initial Release (v0.0.1) [31.12.2021]

  • Game Release :D very Pog (Chat made me do it early)
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorQuartzified Studios
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, MMORPG, Pixel Art, PvP


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cool game but how to login '-'?

nice, seem promising, keep it up. already follow ur twitch <3