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Aukedora at this current stage is an Online Multiplayer PvP RPG Roguelike game.

Aukedora is Open Development which means once the game is at any testable stage, it will be publicly available to test and updated with every new testable build. This means you will be able to test, give feedback and have a lot of insight into how the game is developed, at every stage.
That is so exciting right?

The more people help to test the game, the better it can become (at least that's what Quartzi is hoping.) It allows us to see the limitations we have early on, and can therefore always be ready for most scenarios.

A Launcher for the game will be soon available! And the Testing can Commence!
I would like to mention though as well that early testing, will be very boring and there will be almost no graphics in the game early on. That's how development works and that's also what makes it exciting as you will get to see exactly how a game becomes what it is at the end.

Please take in mind that it is an Online Game, and you are required to be at least 13 years of age! Also please read our Terms & Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy!

[Version 0.0.4] FOURTH RELEASE

The Fourth Release is out! (NPC Update)
Just download the launcher and the game will install itself.

Known Issues as of now!

- There are slight movement bugs that occur on slopes / get triggered by slopes.
- You cannot jump if you are moving into an object (That's intended actually for now)


WASD & Arrow Keys - Move Character
Mouse - Look Around
Mouse Wheel - Camera Zoom
I - Lock and Unlock Mouse*
LeftAlt - Soft Unlock Mouse
Escape - Open Escape Panel
Enter - Trigger Chat
Alt+F4 - Close the Game :)


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Aukedora Launcher 21 MB

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